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Recent research findings and a progressive approach to financial planning have led to a new perspective on the home equity conversion mortgage. What was once used primarily as a “rescue” tool is now an attractive means for generating a new income opportunity for eligible homeowners. With approximately 10,000 homeowners turning 62 each day, and 80 percent of them stating that they want to stay in their homes,2 the potential for growth of this product is enormous.

The tools you need: nu62sm and more

To help you reach more clients and close more loans, we have developed both marketing and financial tools, including nu62sm3, our cutting-edge software that demonstrates the value proposition of utilizing home equity like never before. We are committed to keeping you and your clients ahead of the curve and fully informed.

2 Ameriprise Retirement Check-in Survey, 2013
3 Patent Pending

When you look at home equity as an asset that can be accessed and used, and you employ the right strategies for use, a variety of options open up. Access to liquidity will enable your clients to better stay on their financial plan and avoid depleting current investments; thus, allowing you to retain assets under management as you continue to help your clients reach their planning goals. If your clients do not need to access funds immediately, the line-of-credit that accompanies a conversion mortgage provides innovative income options not available in other products. Either way, you have more satisfied clients and potentially more assets under management.

In addition to satisfied current clients, there is a whole new audience to consider. What was once appropriate for certain clients is now appropriate for a larger customer base. There are approximately 10,000 homeowners turning 62 each day, and 80% of them state that they want to stay in their homes.Every one of them is a potential customer for a conversion mortgage.

4 Ameriprise Retirement Check-in Survey, 2013.

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