Why Generation?

About Generation Mortgage

At Generation Mortgage Company, we specialize in how Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (commonly known as "reverse mortgages”) can be strategically used to increase the likelihood of a successful retirement. We provide seniors and their heirs with alternative home equity utilization strategies as well as forecasts of how infinite utilization decisions may affect their net worth or gain on sale in later years. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients patent-pending technology, nu62sm, that puts them in the driver seat in determining how best home equity plays into their overall retirement plan.

With the push of a few buttons, our nu62sm software1 can demonstrate how to grow a line-of-credit to provide income options for later retirement years, or how different levels of supplemental income affects the remaining drawable equity available in the line-of-credit. nu62sm quickly calculates any number of scenarios and can be used to provide additional information to optimize an existing retirement plan. At Generation, we understand that utilizing home equity needs careful consideration and our goal is to be as transparent as possible about the uses and potential benefits of conversion mortgages, which is how we designed our software and tools.

Generation is a full-service Home Equity Conversion Mortgage lender and servicer, licensed in 49 states, and we are dedicated to providing seniors with the information they need to make informed decisions with the use of their home equity. We have serviced more than 34,000 loans, with a total portfolio of over $5.7 billion. We offer a complete range of competitive FHA-insured home equity conversion mortgage products as well as Generation Plus®, a proprietary jumbo loan for higher-valued homes. Our training team is one of the largest providers of compliance and regulatory training offered by a lender in the home equity conversion mortgage industry. In addition, our team is known for being accessible, responsive, knowledgeable, and providing top-notch customer service nationwide.

1 Patent Pending